Kim Potter found guilty of two counts of manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright

By Faith Snell, Whistle Wire, December 23rd 2021 | 6:11pm

Kim Potter being questioned by prosecution as she testifies in court. | Court, TV, via AP, Pool


The jury has found 49 year old Kim Potter guilty of first and second degree manslaughter charges after the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright back in April 2021.

Kim Potter who was a 26 year police veteran, other police officers, and a trainee attempted to arrest Daunte Wright for an outstanding warrant on a weapons charge when he got back inside of his vehicle and attempted to flee. Potter claims to have mistaken her handgun for her Taser and fatally shot 20 year old Daunte Wright.

In the body cam footage of Potter she can be heard saying, "I'll tase you!" and "Taser Taser Taser!" before wrongfully firing her handgun.

Potter can then be heard in the body cam footage saying, "I grabbed the wrong f****** gun", she then says "Holy s***, I just shot him."

While testifying Potter claimed that the shooting of Daunte Wright was the only time she had fired her gun in her 26 years of being a police officer in Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis suburb. And, Potter said it was a mistake. Ms. Potter said she had intended to stun Wright with her Taser; which she had said she had never used in the field either.

"I'm sorry it happened, Ms. Potter said as she broke down in tears. "I didn't want to hurt anybody"

The jury was made up of 6 men and 6 women, 9 white and 3 people of color - 2 Asian women and a black woman. The jury had spent over 27 hours deliberating.

Potter is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 18th. Kim Potter former Minneapolis police officer is looking at a possible 15 years in prison for the first degree manslaughter charge and a maximum 10 year sentence for second degree manslaughter.



This is a case of firearm negligence. With being a 26 year police veteran comes experience and knowing where you wear your handgun and Taser. Potter carried her handgun on her right hip, and her Taser on her left. Ms. Potter said she had never used her handgun or her Taser in the field before, after 26 years you should know where both are located.

Although Daunte Wright can be seen in body cam footage being non-compliant with police officers it was the responsibility of Potter to know which weapon she held before firing at Wright. Footage played by the prosecution showed Potter holding her handgun for around 5 seconds before she fired.

This is a very unfortunate situation for Potter, although claimed accidental lives were lost and the jury deliberated from the facts of the case.

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