Boris Johnson ends Covid passes and mask mandates in England

By Faith Snell, Whistle Wire, January 19th, 2022 12:46 pm EST

England Prime Minister Boris Johnson ends Plan B measures as of next Thursday, this includes mandatory masks in public spaces and COVID-19 passports.

The Prime Minister said because of the booster campaign and the way the public has responded to the measures, England will be reverting to Plan A as of Thursday next week. Companies can continue to use the Covid pass voluntarily but will no longer be legally required.

PM Johnson also said that the government is no longer asking people to work from home and they should talk to their employer about making arrangements to return to the office.

"There remain of course significant pressures on the NHS across our country, and especially in the North East and North West. But hospital admissions which were doubling every nine days just two weeks ago, have now stabilized with admissions in London even falling. And the numbers in intensive care not only remain low but are actually also falling.

The PM also told Commons that individuals who contract COVID-19 will no longer be legally required to self-isolate as of March 24th, but that date could be brought forward. He said that this is not the "finish line" because the virus and future variants cannot be eradicated. Johnson said, "We must learn to live with Covid in the same way we live with the flu".

England's PM is still urging people to take the proper precautions including washing hands, isolating when sick and those who remain unvaccinated to get the jab.

Could this be the start of ending restrictions for not only England but other regions and countries as well? While Johnson has chosen to back down on pushing further measures Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still adamant about continuing mandates and lockdowns in order to stop the spread (which we have learned is not working well).

Prime Minister Trudeau held a conference today regarding a federal response to COVID-19 where he stated,

“We now have enough doses so that everyone can be vaccinated and even receive a booster dose, so there is no excuse. People must be vaccinated," Trudeau said in French

More news regarding England and the easing of travel restrictions are expected within the coming days. Many conservatives are pleased with the news of England and hope the rest of the world is coming next. As we have learned within the past two years the lockdowns are becoming seemingly more ineffective than the government once thought and the enforcement of mandatory vaccinations is unconstitutional.


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